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"I am not a soothsayer and a prophet. I'm just following the laws of logic.
We must look calmly at what is happening around, and be prepared for anything.
It would be much worse if we were suddenly confronted with problems, which are not thought of".

Fidel Castro

Human civilization is rapidly approaching its end. Community homo sapiens solve their basic, fundamental problems posed by our biological nature, by the inevitable transition to a new, more secure and effective form of intelligent life. But on this way mankind unprecedented, fatal difficulties wait.

The research project «Humanitarian consequences of progress of nano technologies» has been begun in 2004.

 The first stage of the project - the monography «Nano Sapiens, or Silence of Heavens » (2005).

In this book it is spoken about rather remote influences nano and bio technologies on the person and mankind, about autoevolution, about technological immortality and about a hypothesis of transition, as well as about cosmological aspects of a problem.

 You will find the simple and popular description of the book here.

The current part of research is devoted to closer consequences of progress biological nano technologies. New technologies will bring far not only positive changes. They will render the most negative influence in ideological, socially-psychological, economic and political areas.

Gravity and singularity of the future problems requires prepares for them already today, – in fact the price of delay will be unbelievable high...

 The project is opened for participation of all interested persons.

 Vladimir Kishinets, Ph. D., leading research worker.

Nano Sapiens. On a threshold of the Transition
Thesis for symposium "Nano Technology: Potentials and Challenges"
Nano Immortality: Russian Approach. Part 1.
Nano Immortality: Russian Approach. Part 2.


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