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Vladimir M. Kishinets

    is a graduate of the faculty of radio electronics of one of the leading technical institutes in Russia – the Moscow State Aviation Institute. In 1986 he finished the postgraduate courses of the Institute of Sociology of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Ph.D. (Philosophical Sciences), a social scientist.
    He has taken part in the development and testing of special military equipment. After finishing his military service, he carried out analytical work in some government agencies. He has a number of state awards.
    At present he is a leading research worker of the Federal State Center of Social Research, the international expert on humanitarian aspects of the nanotechnologies. He has publishes the first and so far the only Russian study devoted to the humanitarian aspects of nanotech – "Nano Sapiens, or the Silence of the Heavens” (Moscow, Beratekh, 2005, under the pen-name of Radimil Ikein), where he outlined his view of general laws of the development of conscious life and explained the paradox of the "silent Universe”. As an expert, he is invited to develop the programs on nanotechnologies by various mass media, by the "Russia Today” TV channel and by Radio "Russia”.


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