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Nano Sapiens, or Silence of Heavens

Nano Sapiens, or Silence of Heavens

More and more people learn about the blessings which nanotechnologies can bring to mankind.

However inevitable consequence of introduction of nanotechnologies will be disappearance of the modern world, disappearance our civilization because biological kind Homo Sapiens will disappear! And it will not be result the technological accident, will not be result of someone's malicious will or a tragical mistake.

Now I finish the book which will be devoted to this problem. In the small essay written by me in the form of the review of the book, I would like to acquaint you with some ideas of this monography. (Sorry for not so good translation).

Vladimir M. Kishinets, Ph. D., Moscow, 2006.

About the book "Nano Sapiens"

" …Use nanorobots in the medical purposes, predicted in 10-15 years, becomes the beginning of transition of the man from evolutionary, biological form Homo Sapiens in absolutely new, technologically developing sentient being - Nano Sapiens. The reasonable life on the Earth will promptly finish the evolutionary stage and will develop further in nanoform, under laws of self-regulation ". It, certainly, central and one of the most shocking conclusions made V.K. in his philosophical and literary debut "Nano Sapiens, or Silence of Heavens".

The end of evolution

The author proves the surprising forecast that creation nanorobots will inevitably lead to unprecedented intervention by the opportunities in a human body in the medical purposes. (Hereinafter I, for the clear reasons, avoid technical details). These technologies will allow to eliminate lacks of a human body and considerably "to reorganize" a human body.

To reorganize considerably - to replace blood with mass of nanorobots, a bone tissue with metal, organically "to implant" in a brain nanocomputers, nano TVs, etc., etc., and also many other things, that while it is difficult to us to present itself. In other words each person can do everything with the body, that is not forbidden by laws of physics. Thus also there will be a transition from the man in form of a being biological, evolutionary to a being technological, homing, to carry of gift of thinking from a corporal shell of Homo Sapiens in absolutely new form of existence of intelligence - in the form which the author has named Nano Sapiens (NS).

From the moment of the beginning of transition any more environment through mechanisms of a heredity will define development of the human being, but own will of NS.

Nano Sapiens will be immeasurably more adapted for a life, but will not be the improved copy of the man. It will be absolutely new beings, new type of the organisms functioning, most likely on not biological principles. They will be practically immortal, to not require clothes, dwellings, organic food, water and oxygen and will constantly modernize the bodies. They will not be, as the human, to create for a life an artificial environment, and will adapt for habitat the organisms that is more effective from the power point of view. They will not have male or female sex, sexual procreation, instincts. To them will be not necessary most of today's technical adaptations, the part from which will be integrated into their organisms.

In their world there will be no wars, illnesses and sufferings. There will be no aggression, criminality, aspiration to expansion. There will be no states, the nations, armies, borders and police. Their bodies will remind hardly human bodies. In general the number of "bodies" at one person will not be limited to one. Incorporated by information networks NS will possess all knowledge accessible to their community without necessity of training. Variability of their bodies and the general information base will allow to keep on a case of physical destruction only concerning small volume of the "regenerative" information on personal features of everyone NS. World NS will differ from the world of the man more considerably than "organisms of times of origin of a life on the Earth differs from the modern human beings. The general will be only one - ability to think ".

However, in opinion of the author and NS it not final transformation. In the certain prospect "mankind" consisting of individuals NS, more and being more integrated at an information level, will merge in the single whole personality - MegaSapiens. Certainly, concrete details here are difficult for distinguishing in a smoke of the future.

For whom is it necessary? Objective processes

Arises, certainly, the question - and what will force people to go on such sweeping changes?

The author considers, that it will occur without participation of our will, on a chain of events in which each subsequent step is defined previous.

So originally the person will use medical nanorobots of what to be healthy and to live infinitely long. People thus will find individual immortality. Individual immortality will result, in turn to that from two processes providing constant existence of mankind – reproduction and preservation of an individual life – reproduction becomes excessive since existence of a life will be completely provided by more simple way - personal immortality.

Reproduction becomes inexpedient and will be stopped. It in turn will make unnecessary existence of two sex which, together with an instinct of sexual reproduction also will be "abolished". (Do not forget, the person can operate the body and a brain completely!). Actually since this moment it will be any more the human being. The most various transformations of bodies for their adaptation to an environment and "equipment" by their various additional abilities will be spent also.

Objective needs

However except for this chain of the changes few depending on will of the man, there are also the objective factors, allowing to consider transition as possible alternative of a today's situation:

First, the person, in opinion of the author, in many respects is a victim of a diarchy of the two operating centers - intelligence and biological instincts.

Negative consequences of their struggle for "management" of acts of the person are, as the author considers, an original cause of wars, criminality, phobias, social cataclysms which are insuperable within the limits of "project" Homo Sapiens. Today our individual and public problems are not solved, and only constantly transformed and moving on new levels. The decision of a problem in refusal of instincts that provides transition to NS.

Secondly, the author considers, that transition is a unique way to raise survival rate of a reasonable life on a planet which is now absolutely defenceless before global natural cataclysms. On the Earth the huge quantity of species has disappeared, many states and people have disappeared without a trace. That Homo Sapiens till now there is this only successful coincidence of circumstances. But the luck does not happen infinite. New, really effective ways of physical protection of a reasonable life are necessary. The transition is in such a way.

Thirdly. The mankind does not have historical prospect because of an extensive way of development inherent in people. Resources of a planet are final and cannot sustain infinite escalating of consumption. The idea of expansion on other planets is represented not only doubtful in ethical sense, but is absolutely utopian according to serious scientists. Transition will allow to lower consumption of resources considerably.

The author analyzes in the work and other arguments. It writes, for example, that only transition will help to overcome paradox of creation of an artificial intellect. To refuse attempts to make an artificial brain more powerful, than at the man, unreasonably. Having created an artificial brain which is more powerful human - means to appear more silly the creation. NS will resolve this dilemma simply having connected this brain to itself.

Thus, there are various preconditions for transition of a reasonable life on the Earth from biological development to a technological stage. Hundred thousand and millions years a life on a planet developed under laws of biological evolution, irrespective of will of alive beings. And here the moment when the rational life begins capable to change, the body, the mentality and the intelligence in one thousand times comes nearer, in opinion of the author, more quickly and more effectively, than it was done with the nature. There comes a stage of technological, strong-willed development of a rational life!

To the reader in this place of the book costs, a little to take breath. And the author goes further and argues on universal laws of development of a rational life in the Universe!

Universal laws?

V.K. writes: all rational creature in the Universe, appearing as a result of processes similar terrestrial, develop under laws of evolution from the lowest forms to higher. If development of their brain will not stop (as it has occurred, for example, with dolphins) or they will not be lost as a result of global accident, sooner or later they will invent writing, the thermal machine, a nuclear bomb and a computer. It will occur to that laws of the nature and logic are uniform for all world. These events can occur more quickly or more slowly within the limits of several millenia.

But if the rational life is kept on a planet the certain term close with for existence of mankind (a universal time constant) this reasonable life inevitably comes to a stage of nanotechnologies and to an opportunity freely to operate the body!

From this all follows, that rational beings if they will manage "to live" up to nanotechnologies level, pass by virtue of a generality of physical and information laws, in stage NS, and then turn in MegaSapiens (MS)! In other words, it is not dependent on where and as begins the development a rational life, finally it always enters in nanostage, and through it comes to the same kind (type) of a rational being - MS! It, by the way, can serve as an explanation to a phenomenon of "the silent Universe".

Rational beings and the adaptation

V.K. analyzes also other laws of development of a rational life. Here that it writes about universality of stages of its interaction with an environment.

The first stage - up to an intellectual phase. It is the period from origin of a life to the first displays of reason in the form of instruments, rock drawings or elements of clothes. It is a stage of the evolutionary adaptation of organisms to an environment.

The following phase comes from the moment of the beginning of constructive activity of reasonable beings. It is the period of technological influence of rational beings on the physical world with the purpose of the adaptation of an environment to needs of their organisms. It is the period in which peak now there is a mankind when rational beings everywhere surround themselves with the artificial environment in the form of dwellings, clothes, automobiles, etc. the Phase of the artificial environment proceeds before introduction nanorobots in medicine. Since this moment there comes a stage of the technological adaptation of Rational beings to an environment. Rational beings, already in nanoform, start to adapt the start to adapt the body for environment, raising the stability to climatic and physical factors of environment. The spiral of development becomes closed, passing a cycle "the adaptation of organisms - the adaptation of environment - the adaptation of organisms ".

… And struggle against terrorism

The author especially emphasizes, that its book it not the forecast of the long-term future. We move to Transition very quickly.

For the objective reasons, having begun, transition will be fast. Not looking at an involvement of all people, it will not demand, because of ability nanotechnology to duplicating, deployment of any special capacities and will occur everywhere and simultaneously.

In the book a lot of attention gives that it is necessary to do already today. It is necessary comprehension and acceptance of adjusting measures at a level of the separate states and the world community for maintenance of humanism, validity of transition, for maintenance during this period of social stability, for counteraction for negative occurrences.

Transition, not having begun yet, can serious affect in the image our today's world, replace many accents and priorities. The so-called concept of "nano-self-control", offered by the author, can to promote, for example, to decrease in violence, criminality and, first of all, a level of terrorism in the modern world.

* * *

We have only concerned some basic themes of this book saturated by reasonings, examples, ideas. I hope, that this article will help...


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